Neural Network Consulting

Does your application need neural network consulting? NeuroDimension has used it's leading edge neural network technology to develop numerous applications with a variety of companies. Below we have listed a few of these partners and their applications. If you are interested in working with NeuroDimension, please contact a company representative.

Fraud Detection Using Neural Networks and Sentinel Solutions (Smartsoft)
SmartSoft Int. was in search of a neural network based solution for their credit card fraud detection software called Sentinel. NeuroDimension is currently working along side SmartSoft to create a Neural Fraud Management System, which is a completely automated and state-of-the-art integrated system of neural networks, Fraud Detection Engine, Automatic Modeling System (AMS), supervised clustering, and system retune. By adding the intelligence of neural network technology to an already successful rule-based system, we can increase the detection of legitimate fraud transactions up to 80% with as low as 1% false detections or less! Read more about this partnership.

NASA Dryden Research Center - Development of Flight and Propulsion Control System
NASA was seeking assistance in their research related to the development of flight and propulsion control system using neural networks and the Levenburg-Marquardt learning algorithm. NeuroDimension helped NASA take a neural network model developed in NeuroSolutions and integrate the model within Simulink, which is the development environment used by NASA Dryden researchers to implement their flight control. The development effort produced NeuroSolutions for Matlab, which was delivered to NASA and released as a commercial product in March 2004.

National Science Foundation SBIR - Ventilator Control with Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
The Clinical Advisor is an automated system that continuously monitors a variety of information about the patient's respiratory system, calculates non-invasive estimates of important parameters (such as patient's effort) using complex neural network models and recommends settings (e.g. amount of pressure support, PEEP, IMV rate etc.) to the clinicians based on these predictions. The main goal of the system is to help clinicians make quick and correct decisions about respiratory support which will in turn improve patient care and reduce costs. The Clinical Advisor system can be integrated with ventilators or respiratory monitors to provide integrated respiratory solutions.

Coors Brewers - Predicting Beer Flavors from Chemical Analysis
Coors Brewers was seeking to evolve their products to satisfy the consumerís changing requirements whilst at the same time always looking for the opportunity to develop niche products for new markets. They approached us to help them solve their problem with predicting beer flavors from chemical analysis. For the complete paper, please visit the Application Summaries.

Fetal ECG Extraction
The Fetal ECG Extraction project will develop the technology for a comprehensive fetal and maternal monitor including fetal heart rate, FECG, and maternal EHG (contraction information) in a very compact device. This monitor will not only be less expensive than current monitors, but also provide additional information that can dramatically improve patient care and reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary procedures. Potential markets include hospital-based fetal monitoring, home/physicianís office fetal monitoring and stress tests, and as a research tool.

Financial Modeling with Various Partners
We have worked with several established financial institutions in solving problems or developing custom solutions to their ideas. NeuroDimension has developed custom models and indicators in addition to adding custom functionality to our TradingSolutions software.

Automotive Features with established Automotive Company
NeuroDimension has worked on a variety of problems in the automotive industry, including the automatic control of various systems in an automobile. Custom models and techniques were developed in NeuroSolutions by our engineers for these advanced automotive controls.

Sports Wagering and Statistical Analysis
NeuroDimension has worked on a variety of problems in sports betting including baseball game outcome prediction and optimal horse race wagering strategies. For these types of problems, proprietary approaches to wagering were created based on expert observation, statistical analysis and specialized neural networks.