Company History

Formation and NeuroSolutions

Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, NeuroDimension is the world's leading provider of neural network development tools. It was founded in 1991 by Steven Reid, MD, Jose Principe, PhD (Director of the Computational Neural Engineering Lab at the University of Florida), and Curt Lefebvre, PhD (CEO of NeuCo). These three individuals were instrumental in the company's early success. Dr. Reid provided the initial capital to get the company off the ground. Dr. Principe provided the engineering staff with technical direction and had helped secure research grant funding for the company. Dr. Lefebvre was the principal author of the company’s core neural network technology.

The company was formed around a software tool, NeuroSolutions, which enables engineers and researchers to easily model their data using neural networks. Since NeuroSolutions was introduced in 1994, it has attracted thousands of users from over 60 countries around the globe, making it the standard in neural network development tools. NeuroDimension itself has also used this product as the basis for numerous research grants, neural network courses, an interactive textbook, consulting projects and the development of several related products.

Additional key individuals from this formative period include: Gary Lynn, vice president and project lead for NeuroSolutions following its initial release. And, Dan Wooten, president, CEO, and project lead for many of the company’s other products and consulting efforts.

Financial Analysis

In 1997, it became apparent that one of the most common uses of NeuroSolutions was to create neural network models to time the financial markets. The company management then assembled an exceptional team of traders, researchers, and engineers with an extended knowledge of artificial intelligence, time-series analysis, software engineering and trading. Led by project lead Gary Geniesse, this unique blend of talents and software technology was combined to produce TradingSolutions. Since its release in July of 2000, this powerful financial analysis software package has enabled its users to profit from the hidden price patterns discovered by the neural networks.

As TradingSolutions grew in popularity, it attracted the attention of a number of professional traders and hedge funds. Since 2005, NeuroDimension has branched out to provide custom trading system development services for these customers. By leveraging our proprietary distributed research platform, we are able test thousands of potential system variations each day and extract the ones that have the most potential for further analysis.

Research into real-time trading systems led to the development of a robust, real-time trading platform capable of handling the many irregularities that occur during live trading. Released in 2008, Trader68 handles the trading and distribution of trading signals from TradingSolutions, proprietary research, and other sources.

Research, Consulting, Training Courses and Additional Products

Throughout its history, NeuroDimension has worked directly on AI-based applications through consulting, business partnerships, and grant-funded relationships. Consulting services continue to be a significant part of their business, providing custom neural network processing to power plants, NASA flight control systems, credit card fraud detection, and many other real-world problems.

Beginning in 1998, Neil Euliano, Ph.D., led a multi-project grant-funded medical research effort for NeuroDimension leading to several key partnerships with universities and biomedical engineering companies. This grant-funded division spun off from NeuroDimension in 2004 to become Convergent Engineering. Since that time, Devin Zhang, Ph.D., has led the research division, making significant advances in the fields of financial analysis, credit card fraud detection, and other fields.

In 2000, NeuroDimension began providing multi-day neural network training courses. Originally developed by Dr. Euliano and Gary Lynn, these courses combine theory with the practical perspective of solving individual problems. They are still taught today by Gary Lynn.

As part of the development of artificial intelligence solutions, the company developed their Genetic Server and Genetic Library products. Released in 2001, these royalty-free products enable programmers in many different environments to take advantage of powerful Genetic Algorithms for their parameter optimization problems.

NeuroDimension – Present Day

NeuroDimension continues to develop enhancements across its software product line, while remaining active in the development and deployment of automated trading systems. It also continues to develop and refine positive business relationships through consulting relationships and partnerships.

The company is currently led by Gary Lynn, CEO, and Gary Geniesse, President. Along with them, Dr. Steven Reid, Dr. Curt Lefebvre, and Dan Wooten continue to provide strategic direction as members of the board of directors.